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FREE TICKETS to New Abby Lee Miller Dance Competition TV Show

Posted on 17. Aug, 2012 by in CHILD STAR STYLE, Free Tickets to Nick & Disney Show Tapings, THE BUZZ

If you love music and dance and are ready to cheer for your favorites, please plan to join the fun in the audience at the historic Los Angeles Theatre for this hot, new dance competition show for kids featuring ABBY LEE MILLER and some very talented young dancers and celebrity judges. Audience members must be 10 years old and older. Hollywood Mom Blog is happy to announce FREE TICKETS TO SHOW TAPING ON THURSDAY, AUGUST 23, 2012 courtesy of Majestic Actors. Audience members must be ten years old and older.

Email talent@majesticactors.com to request your free tickets today and be sure to tell them you’re a Hollywood Mom!

About Abby Lee Miller Dance Company:

The Abby Lee Dance Company (a not-for-profit organization) was formed 31 years ago to afford promising and dedicated young dancers the opportunity to study with the dance community’s most distinguished dance educators and to compete against other talented young people across the country!  In the past years, the company has traveled throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio,  North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, the Bahamas, Illinois, Nevada, Michigan, Louisiana, Virginia, California, Canada and monthly to New York City.  The students have studied with great master teachers and won countless over-all high score Trophies and Cash Awards for performing, choreography and class work.  Many have been recognized with full tuition scholarships to prestigious National Dance Conventions and Intensive Seminars. Student Alumni are currently working in Korea, Alaska, Europe, Disney World, Tokyo Disney in Japan, California and New York City on Broadway.  These dedicated, talented young people are outstanding representatives of the community and today’s youth!

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17 Responses to “FREE TICKETS to New Abby Lee Miller Dance Competition TV Show”

  1. Alyssa

    14. Jun, 2015

    I would love three tickets to the show . I was in a meet and greet line and waited over three hours and was so exited I was nexted and what happened they stopped the line and no more time for meets . The problem I was next in line and never got to meet and greet I was so so sad and couldn’t believe it that the line stopped at me . I understood I guess the line had to stop somewhere unfortunately it was me . I would love tickets thank you so much if you could I would be so happy

  2. tj glover

    01. Aug, 2014

    hi abby lee miller dance company
    i come to dance we you guys
    take you
    my is name tj glover
    and i ilke you show call dance moms
    bys and take you

  3. tj glover

    01. Aug, 2014

    hi abby lee miller dance company
    i come to dance we you guys
    take you

  4. Emeral neloms

    27. Oct, 2013

    I love your show can u send me a email about the audition thank you

  5. carol murphy

    23. Jun, 2013

    my girls love your show…just wondered where the show tapes and if there a tickets to the show that we could information about attending one of the tapings…love your show

  6. Tiffaney Thorn

    14. May, 2013

    I love both your shows me and my 8yr old (soon to be 9 in June) watches the show’s with me. She currently dances and competes in dance at her school in Costa Mesa CA. I really would love tickets to the Dance Competition so she can see what dancing is really about. I truly want get to audition when the time us right, but not until she see’s the seriousness off dance. She has been dancing for 6yrs and competing for 5. I would really love the free tickets it would mean a lot to us.

  7. sarah demmons

    28. Feb, 2013

    we would love 3 tickets to the show! thank you

  8. Hilary

    22. Jan, 2013

    Hi, my daugter loves Abby lees dance shows and we are flying to California on 1-23-13 until 1-28-13 , is there any tapings going on and how could we get tickets?
    Thank you,

  9. Faithe

    02. Jan, 2013

    Yeah right Katherine Johnson you’re probably some rival dance teacher from rotten candy apples lying or a disgruntled mom being a weirdo freak. Haha no one believe you babe!

  10. natalie

    19. Sep, 2012

    how do you audition because i love to dance and how old do u have to be to audition please send me the information on this show

  11. madisen

    17. Sep, 2012

    Is it o late to audition

  12. Flordeliz

    23. Aug, 2012

    We will be there and the girls are so excited! The girls and I are having a dress up tonight and ust finished. We are so excited. Thanks AbbeyMiller!

  13. Gabi

    21. Aug, 2012

    I sent the request Saturday and never heard back….

  14. Shannon

    21. Aug, 2012

    Where is this located?

  15. Katherine Johnson

    18. Aug, 2012

    Our group went to the taping of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition yesterday….it was horrible and I wouldn’t advise anyone to go. The production company was disorganized and rude, treating the audience like cattle. There was no director and we spent HOURS sitting quietly in our seats without knowing what was going on. At one point, a man walked up the aisle saying, “We need the pretty people up front” into his headset. NOT a good environment or experience for kids. And the venue is over 90 degrees without air conditioning with only one bathroom stall available.


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