Learn the Top 4 Secrets to Booking Auditions!

At any audition, the casting directors await you and the door separating you can often be seen as a barricade. In reality, you should view it as a gateway and treat it as though it is your stage. Whether it’s a pre-read for an associate or a full-blown director/producer callback session, this is your time, your experience. This is your opportunity to do exceptional work.

Often actors, in every stage of career and life, think they should have gotten a part and become frustrated when they learn that a famous name booked it instead. Though the economics of the industry have changed, they often rely on a star to make content bankable. Nothing much you can do about this, but continue to train and be the best because cream always rises to the top.

Claire Chubbuck from Ivana Chubbuck Youth shares the top 4 secrets to booking auditions:

  1. Never try to please what you think “they” want. After all, people pleasers never win in any venue.  Make sense of the character’s journey as your journey.   In fact, don’t even think of it as a character, thinking of your role as an alternate person creates a degree of separation in the playing of it. Therefore, making the audience aware they are watching a performance. The best acting should make the audience feel that they are watching a documentary and feel included into a secret world. Being a part of a shared secret always makes people feel special. This affects not only the audience in this way, but the other people you work with as well.
  1. Consider that there are certain primal constants that all human beings have. We are driven by the instinct to survive, both emotionally and physically. This is true of everyone. However, how we manifest our needs is what makes us all quite unique. This is what they want to see: Your individuality brought to the role, and not a “cookie-cutter” version.
  1. Be confident in your choices! Never, after you have done a reading for a CD, look at that person and imply with that look, “That sucked.”   They may have liked your reading!  I’ve seen mediocre actors get work because they, themselves, thought they were great.
  1. One must understand how to break down a script so as to have focus, depth and colors in the audition that the other young actors will not have. Without study an actor can only rely on instinct, and that’s usually not enough to book a role.  At Ivana Chubbuck Youth, we use the Chubbuck Technique to break down scripts and add dimension and truth to that role. Casting directors, Directors and producers don’t want an actor of any age to perform the character, but rather to BE the character. Especially when it comes to youth, one must be skilled technically to book a role in this highly competitive world.
A good reading never goes unrewarded. If they don’t cast you in the particular project that they are casting, then they will remember you for the next.

Top 4 Secrets to Booking Auditions!


Ivanna Chubbuck Youth provides professional-level television, commercial, theater, and film acting classes for youths and teenagers, from beginning to advanced levels. Using the world famous Chubbuck Technique, their classes teach the art of acting used professionally, as well as improving self-esteem, communication skills, and confidence. Chubbuck’s Highly-experienced teachers and staff, who currently work in the industry both in front of and behind the camera, have an excellent reputation for cultivating a supportive and fun atmosphere to realize your creativity and talent.

If you want to explore your raw talent or you are already serious about pursuing a career as a professional actor, Chubbuck Youth offers comprehensive training to build and refine the skills you need to succeed in the business.  Chubbuck Youth holds ongoing classes for talented youth ages 7-17 years, including: Youth Core Scene Study, Teen Core Scene Study I, Teen Core Scene Study II, Private Coaching, Showcase, College Audition Prep, Professional Short Film Production: Acting for Film, and Theater Intensive: Acting for the Stage.

Every year Chubbuck’s students are well represented at the Academy Awards, Emmys, Golden Globes, Tonys, and many other international awards with students including
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4 Secrets to Booking Auditions!

Ivana Chubbuck helps make Award History with her work with Sly Stallone on “Creed.”