This is the Headshot Tips Video for the ages.

Share this Perfect Headshot Tips Video with your photographers, fellow actors, agents, managers – EVERYONE.

Seriously, let’s make this Actors Perfect Headshot Tips Video go viral!

Because I’ve owned and served as editor forHollywood Mom Blog and several HMB FB Groups for more than a decade (and have since moved into Talent Management), I SINCERELY APPRECIATE the new generation of child actors’ parents who take on sharing their wisdom and experiences in public forums.

One such amazing and talented Mom is Stream Lee of Canada. Her daughter is beautiful model and child actor Viva Lee and together they have created my all time favorite headshot tutorial: Actors Perfect Headshot Tips Video.

A few days ago, when I asked if I could share this headshot tutorial tips video with the public (it was only in her private facebook group at the time) Stream not only happily agreed, she immediately edited it and made it even better for all of YOU.

Viva and Stream’s Actors Perfect Headshot Tips Video defines, describes and covers types of headshots (theatrical, theatrical light and commercial), what those looks entail and how to achieve them. The video provides visuals of each type of headshot and explains what you’re aspiring to for each photo type.

Next, she covers character types and how to help achieve those through various wardrobe choices. Bottom line – Instagram and Pinterest are your friends people! Back in the day I used Pinterest myself for a film character my daughter was portraying and fabulous  Atlanta-based Casting Director Shannon Reis uses Pinterest for a number of industry-related projects from casting to screenwriting.

Because Stream Lee is so organized, she’s even created a wardrobe chart or headshot planning sheet, which you can easily copy and tweak to suit your own needs. It details outfits choices, shoes, hair, makeup, etc.

Full disclosure – I never graduated to Stream’s level of organization. My kid was lucky if I scrawled wardrobe ideas down on the back of a Starbucks drive thru napkin the morning of and en route to the shoot.

And next her video delves into wardrobe bags, shoe bags on wheels, and all different types of luggage suitable for set. She even suggests to organize wardrobe in the order it will be shot. Genius.

Next up – Jewel tone clothing colors, the go to favorite, and layered items are highlighted as the right choice for actors headshots. Prints, Patterns, Ivory and Beige, not so much. I used these very notes recently when helping one of my own clients with his headshot wardrobe choices.

Stream reiterates that wardrobe and color choices can accentuate the character you’re portraying and reviews common kid character types: the bully, the nerd/goody two shoes, etc.

I recommend you hit the pause button frequently to take notes as the video content moves very quickly.

Again. Thank you Stream and Viva Lee. This is going viral! xx