Hollywood Moms and Dads – Please make time to attend AN OPEN SECRET Los Angeles Premiere Wed July 15, 2015.

AN OPEN SECRET is the ground-breaking and extremely controversial documentary in limited release as of Friday, July 17, 2015 at the Laemmle Music Hall. I would be at the premiere myself but had to return to Atlanta, GA and my strange life, living on location.

To say that “An Open Secret” is the culmination of many years of tireless efforts (blood, sweat and tears) is putting it mildly. Anne Henry and Paula Dorn, Hollywood Moms who years ago formed the non-profit advocacy foundation ParentzBiz, are the unsung heroes of our community.

I promise you, the stories Paula, Anne and now Amy Berg, have learned about sexual abuse and pedophilia in the industry, as well as the emotional turmoil they personally have endured for the greater good of our community, cannot be understated. We, Hollywood Moms and Dads and our child actors, own them an enormous debt of gratitude. If you are as grateful for their efforts as I am, please pay them the ultimate respect and see this film.

You’re Invited to the PREMIERE!
The producers of An Open Secret have generously offered a block of tickets to Bizparentz Foundation supporters for the movie premiere on Wednesday, July 15 in Beverly Hills. The evening will include a Q & A, and a cocktail reception.

If you would like to view the movie, please email bizparentz@aol.com and include your name and email address. Do it now: a very limited number of tickets are available!

Their list will be submitted to the event production team and guests will be receive an official evite from them. You must reply to that evite in order to be on the guest list!

Please know that a very limited number of tickets are available and you must respond quickly. Also note that this film is rated R. Parent consideration is strongly advised. Under-age minors will not be photographed on the red carpet.

An Open Secret

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Anything and everything you wanted and ever and never wanted to know about sexual deviants, pedophiles and criminals running amok in the entertainment community is detailed in this documentary by Anne Berg and by the founders of BizParentz. It’s our job as HOLLYWOOD MOMS to be informed and armed for defense. Please see this eye-opening film.