My interview with Aonika and Sean Patrick Thomas is on the Celebrity Baby Blog tonight – not as revealing or lengthy an interview as Iyari’s but it was about covering the baby shower festivities after all. Aonika was very open about her fertility difficulties and I hope to interview her on an in depth basis to learn more about her experiences. It’s immensely rewarding for me as a writer when people read my interviews/articles/posts and can relate to or learn from them.

This was a busy week on all fronts for this Hollywood Mom which began on Sunday with a Laker’s Game date (we won!) and then another family birthday party. Monday I was terribly busy procrastinating and trolling other people’s blogs; Tuesday I chatted with new vendors and came ever so close to purchasing my own screen printing machines. I was interrupted (and my check book was spared) when Jordan felt ill and called me to pick her up early from school. By finishing the day in my home office it was quiet enough to knock out the Thomas’ baby shower article – the day’s silver lining.

Yesterday was all about finalizing the decor line, the new line sheets and packaging; while today I spent the morning with a darling PR person (who looks exactly like a former employer of mine) discussing publicity plans for Crib Rock, Hollywood Mom Blog and Russell Designs (the hubby’s new side biz – very artsy).

In between events I was submitting my daughter the actress on jobs, returning casting calls, updating all the corporate websites, gathering gifts for teacher appreciation day at school and preparing for Jo’s debut as Rizzo in Grease: purchasing costumes, running lines, singing lessons, etc. She’s rehearsing non-stop over the next 72 hours or so which means I’ll be driving to-and-fro for the next 72 hours or so. What a Martyr right? Nah…I wouldn’t trade it for the world.