Tammy Smith Casting Atlanta is looking for children to work in the remake of “ENDLESS LOVE.” Kids, all ethnicities, AGES 5 to 13 are needed for various scenes in the movie ( a graduation scene, an airport scene, a swimming pool scene, a scene with kids playing in a fountain, and a park scene)- various dates that they will notify the chosen kids for as they get closer to each scene. TSCasting must start the casting process now for work permit purposes!

alex dark hairThey are also looking for a stand in to work for lead actor Alex Pettyfer for “Endless Love,” 5’10 to 6’1, who currently has longish, dark brownish hair.

Experience preferred but NOT Necessary. EMAIL tammysmithcasting@gmail.com

    Please submit your child or children as listed below, but PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING:

1. IF you have any family vacations or dates that you or your child(ren) are NOT available, please list those dates in the body of the email. Filming starts May 22nd and will go thru July 11th!)
**If you do NOT have any availability issues during that time, then please list “OPEN AVAILABILITY” in the body of your email.

2. If you, as a parent, are also interested in working as an extra, it is helpful to have your photo referenced in your child’s submission, and IF we need any real parents during the kid scenes, we can try to book you (although you are encouraged to submit for just yourself for other postings as well). Include YOUR photo and stats in the same email if you would like to be considered IF we need the real parents with the kids! If not, that’s ok too!


Please, send one SMILING photo and one NON-SMILING PHOTO – Dressed in casual play clothes.
The photo(s) should be from the waist up, with no other children or people in the photo. We need to see face and hair length clearly. No hats please. THE PHOTOS CAN AND SHOULD BE PHOTOS EITHER TAKEN WITH A GOOD CAMERA PHONE OR WITH YOUR OWN DIGITAL CAMERA. NO PROFESSIONAL SHOTS PLEASE. These need to be simple, real, natural photos so we see what your child(ren) look like…simple.

(Hint: It would be better to take a little time in the next few days)

Please submit to EndlessLoveExtras@gmail.com and put “KIDS via Hollywood Mom Blog” in the subject line.

Please include:

  • PHOTO(s) of the boy as described above.
  • Parent Name
  • Child(ren)’s Name (s)
  • AGE
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Boy’s or Girl’sSize
  • Shoe Size
  • CITY and STATE where you live

NOTE: YOU MUST BE LOCAL TO ATLANTA or able to work locally in Atlanta