Do you have a miniature BURT WONDERSTONE on your hands?  Afraid you’ll have to pull a lot of rabbits out of your hat to keep your junior magician entertained this summer?

Stop worrying! World famous Magicopolis, in Santa Monica, CA, is hosting a summer camp for kids ages 7-12, Monday – Friday, 9am – 3pm, who want to learn amazing feats of magic and illusion. These kids will experience the most exciting interactive hands-on program ever!  Campers will learn card tricks, slight of hand, misdirection, coin magic, rope tricks, street magic, mind reading games, improve skills, performing tips, stage movement, voice, storytelling, acting, scripting, eye-hand coordination, and multi-task thinking.

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Each day is divided into 30-40 minute modules to keep the program moving, and the activities are varied and the kids highly engaged. A typical day includes:Magic – Cards, Money, Dinner Table Magic.

✰Out of the Box Thinking Magic Puzzles
✰Special Activity – Mind Reading, Comedy Gags
✰Magic Art / History / Culture – Stories of Conjurers, Illusionists, Escape Artists, Women Magicians
✰Art – Kids Make Their Own Magic Tricks
✰Team Building Activities
✰Performance Activity – Kids Perform and the Day Ends with a Show by a Professional MagicianMagicopolis Magic Camp boosts self-confidence, gives an understanding of how other people think, and helps kids overcome shyness with an ability to entertain and make new friends, plus learning magic teaches self-discipline and can improve communication skills.

✰Sign up today using their Magic Camp online registration form.

One Week Sessions Available: Call (310) 451-2241 for Details

Session One
June 24 – July 12
$895 plus $50 Materials Fee

Session Two
July 15 – August 2
$895 plus $50 Materials Fee

Session Three
August 5 – August 23
$895 plus $50 Materials Fee