Teaching your teens how to drive can be both an exciting and nerve racking experience. We want to see what your teaching experience is like.
Our cameras will follow you and your teens as you teach them the skills they’ll need to know in order to get their first driver’s license.

• Do you have teens between the ages of 16-18?
• Is it a constant battle for you to get your teens to listen to you while they are driving?
• Are you and your teen so different, it’s just impossible to understand each other?
• Do you have twins who are learning to drive at the same time?
• Is your teen driving your pride and joy of a car and you’re terrified of letting him/her behind the wheel?
• Are you a police officer and find your teen has trouble following driving laws?
• Do your teens think they know everything about driving and won’t focus because they think they know more than you?
If any of this is your circumstance, then we want to hear from you. A Major Cable Network is looking to follow Los Angeles area parents and teens on their pursuit of learning to drive.

Please email your name, your photo, contact number, city you live in and a brief description of yourself
and who you are teaching to drive to: roadtestcasting@gmail.com