dakota-fanning-shhhhOpen Casting Call for the Feature Film: The Runaways
Starring: Dakota Fanning, Kristin Stewart

Debe Waisman Casting is seeking the following SUPER-SPECIFIC types:

• Hollywood Party Types
• 18-to-look-younger Roller Skaters
• High School Types
• Club-Goers
• Joan’s Street Punk Friends
• Rough Crowd Types
• Preppy College Crowd
• Japanese Businessmen/Journalists
• Japanese People of All General Types
• Japanese 18-to-look-younger
• Teacher Types (reference photo only, NOT for open call)

Casting Notes:

PLEASE review the photographs below so you know the look casting is seeking. If you do not have this look, it is not necessary to attend this casting call because each look is EXTREMELY specific. This is for SAG and Non-Union talent. Everyone, at all times, MUST have the right hair. This is not Austin Powers, over-the-top 1970s. This is
REAL, a reproduction of true events, VERY authentic rock’n’roll in the 1970s.

Hollywood Party TypesHollywood Party Types

Girls’ hair should be long, straight, or wavy—no modern cuts or colors—only natural colors. Hair can be shorter, but not super short. Hair was not stick-straight; no appliances to straighten the hair were used.

Guys’ hair should be shaggy, longish, or completely long—no crew cuts.  Hair for both sexes was generally parted in the middle and worn long or waved back Farrah Fawcett style. 18-to-look-younger guys should have no
facial hair. No visible tattoos except for Joan’s Street Punk Friends!! No tattoos on either gender!

Everyone should be on the thin/skinny side. Clothes are provided for the most part, but any clothing you can provide is welcome.  New faces to Hollywood OS are very welcome, especially all Japanese types, 18-to-look-younger types, and Club-Goer types.

At the Open Call:
You MUST come dressed and camera-ready for a photograph. Again, your hair, makeup, and wardrobe should reflect the look in the photographs. At the Hollywood OS office, you will complete your free online profile to be
entered into the searchable database for booking consideration. (Please do NOT wear the color white.) Open call is for the aforementioned types, but there is no guarantee of work.

Date and Time:

Monday – Friday (ongoing) 1 – 4 p.m. only at the Debe Waisman Casting at the Hollywood OS Office, 3108 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505  (Between Hollywood Way and Buena Vista Street) Info Line 310 535-1325,4# – projects.