There’s a new educational option in Los Angeles for Child Actors – Fusion Academy; a revolutionary community of learning where positive relationships unlock academic potential!

It’s an educational option that caters to your student at their pace. Best of all? Parents are alleviated from being teachers.

FUSION ACADEMY an excellent educational environment for working child actors because Fusion’s flexible scheduling accomodates students whose career demands don’t allow for traditional schooling.  One-to-one classrooms provide a completely customized learning experience from scheduling to curriculum. At Fusion, the teaching staff has experience working with student professionals in all arenas.

Students are able to enroll in Fusion Academy at any time, and take classes at a pace that works for them. Fusion offers the choice to be a full-time student, take classes for credit, or utilize tutoring services in our Learning Center. Fusion is a Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accredited private school with courses available at three levels: essential, college-prep, and honors.


One of the aspects particularly beneficial for our child and teen actors is that creative expression is at the forefront of Fusion’s arts and music programs. Classes include: screenwriting, photography, on-camera acting, film studies, studio art, vocal fundamentals, and more. Each campus has a state-of-the-art recording studio and a mixed-media art studio. With one-to-one classes, students can pursue whatever artistic dreams they have. Teachers also act as mentors to encourage and challenge students to flourish in their passions.

Fusion has more than 450 classes to choose from, all of which meet state standards and most of which are UC approved. Homework doesn’t go home, but is completed before students leave for the day, in the Homework Café® with help from a supervising teacher.  From math to yoga and everything in between, students can choose classes to create the education that works for them.

Fusion campuses are conveniently located in Miracle Mile, Pasadena, South Bay, the Warner Center (Woodland Hills) and West LA. Visit for more information.

Could Fusion Academy be a good fit for your child actor? Connect with them to learn more and set up a tour.

To get a feel for just how creative these Fusion kids are, check out this hilarious parody music video set to Iggy Azalea’s “I’m So Fancy.”

 *This blog post was sponsored by Fusion Academy.