you suck by abigail breslin

Child Actors News Links for December 2014

*This is a recap of information posted on the Hollywood Mom Blog Facebook page and Hollywood Mom’s Twitter


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LIVVY STUBENRAUCHLivvy Stubenrauch Frozen for American Girl



  • Oh No Mr Bill! Bill Murray says “All child actors should be taken out and shot” and their parents too. Nice.

  •  Oscar-Nominated Cameraman Caleb Deschanel on Raising His Famous Actress Daughters  This interview is really more about what it’s like being a crew member on location than on raising actresses per se. He mentions that his camera assistants have to be away from home 2 months – Being in Props, My husband and his assistants are gone for the run of an entire show – More like 6 -9 months plus.

  • #casting news for THE PEANUTS MOVIE today. Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus and the rest of the gang make their…

  • Eek! More bad news for Sony. Is North Korea to Blame for the security breach and leak? And does Sony yet regret making the movie “The Interview” (aka Kill Kim Kim Jong-un)?

  • Jennifer Lawrence is “a mentor to me,” says “Hunger Games” Child Star Willow Shields


  • Are kids revealing too much for social media fame?

  • Moms and Kids in Arizona! A Casting Call for the new Master Chef  Junior for kids

  • RIP Ken Weatherwax, former child star PUGSLEY from “The Addams Family,” passes away from heart attack at 59. While retired from acting, Weatherwax remained in show biz working as a grip on the sets of several Hollywood productions.

  • And last but not least, Child Star Abigail Breslin releases her first song/video YOU SUCK.