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It was a gorgeous September day in Burbank for the first Actor Training In LA’s Young Actors EXPO.  I arrived earlier than I’m usually awake on a Sunday morning to help man the booth for The Looking Ahead Program (I serve on their Advisory Committee).  Fortunately, right around the corner from our gorgeous booth was a in-house Starbucks. Good planning Marriott Burbank!

In reality, I could have slept in.  The booth was expertly-manned with Looking Ahead Education Counselor, Laura Campbell, talented Looking Ahead teens Hannah Rae, and my fellow Looking Ahead committee members.  But I’m so glad I didn’t sleep in. What an amazing time, catching up with old friends like Jeremy Apody of Abrams Artist Agency, one of my favorite kids’ headshot photographers Shandon, and so, so many awesome Hollywood Mom Blog families.

Entrance into the EXPO’s “Agent, Manager and Vendor Ballroom” was free of charge to all and all the attendees seemed to take advantage of the opportunity to network. Headshots, resumes and business cards were flying! Overall, Parents and child actors alike were very excited about the big 4/8.

Here’s the recap of the amazing day in pictures!

Tracy Bobbitt

HMB Editor Tracy Bobbitt and adorable HMB Child Star Sade Kimora Young

HMB Child Actors

The highlight of the EXPO, talented Child Actors – part of HMB family naturally =)

Hollywood Moms

Hollywood Moms Yessica Young, and Child Actors at the ATLA EXPO

Tracy Bobbitt, Jamie and Joey King

HMB Editor Tracy Bobbitt, Hollywood Mom Jamie King and her daughter, Teen Star Joey King, arriving for the EXPO Meet & Greet


HMB Family Alert! The gorgeous Liddel ladies, Carrie and Kailey, tour the EXPO.

Ana Guide

HMB Model family Ana Guide with her picture perfect daughter Sophie!

Looking Ahead Program

No bias here, the Looking Ahead Program booth was the EXPO’s best!


A variety of EXPO vendors filled an entire ballroom.

Second City

The Second City staff meet with young comedians.

EXPO registration

Where it all starts – the EXPO registration table

Looking Ahead Program

The wonderful crew from the Looking Ahead Program

Photo Lab

The Actors Photo Lab promoted their services

HMB Family Alert

HMB Family Alert! Taylor Hay and her Hollywood Mom (also an actress!) Debbie Brit-Hay

tracy and shandon