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jen and mike levinson

Jen Levinson, Husband Mike and their 5 gorgeous sons!

Jen Levinson and her famous JENS LIST are revered in the greater Los Angeles area. provides the must-see calendar for all things “Kids In Los Angeles” (and she should know she has 5 kids!)   The infamous list itself contains a plethora of valuable information ranging from housekeeper and nanny referrals, to home and apartment rentals, dog trainers, nail salons, animal adoptions, special events, fundraisers, charities, restaurant discounts, daily deals, respected recommendations of all kinds and much, much more.

I’ve never met Jen in “Real Life” yet I consider her a friend. And why wouldn’t I? We have a lot in common! We’re both parents of child actors, live in the west San Fernando Valley, share a housekeeping service, trust our tresses to fabulous Kristy Jarvis at the Canyon Salon, love social media and we’re both fortunate (and crazy enough) to helm what CBS named Los Angeles’ Top 5  Mom Blogs! And trust me, you don’t have to have those things in common with Jen Levinson to feel like she’s your girlfriend. Her list is truly a labor of love and it comes across in everything she does.

Please join me in supporting her new Facebook page. You’ll be so glad you did!