The Speakers at this month’s Actors Fund Looking Ahead Monthly Parents Group are Biz Parents Co-Founders Paula Dorn and Anne Henry!

The Parents of Child actors in the Industry must realize this is not just a hobby.  There are laws in place in the areas of education, finances, and contracts that are specific to child performers.  Some laws require action by the parent, and some require action by those who work with children in the industry.  The laws are all there to protect your child, and help insure that your family is able to navigate the industry successfully. It is vitally important that parents are aware of each of these laws.  We will discuss the 11 major laws….Including the 2 new California laws just now being implemented. (note: this does not constitute legal advice)

Wednesday February 19th 6:00pm- 8:00pm

5757 Wilshire Blvd. first floor – Cagney Room

Please RSVP to Tina Hookom, Director of Social Services – or call (323) 330-2413. This event is free and open to all parents of professional young performers. Light refreshment will be provided. We validate parking in the garage connected