adam-wylieAdam Wylie, the freckle-faced kid from Picket Fences, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Seinfeld and every other child role in the ’90s, will play a cop on ABC’s General Hospital this Wednesday, February  3, 2010. It’s the first time he’s been an officer on camera as an adult and admits donning the uniform, handcuffs, and prop gun was weird.  He felt as though he were “playing dress up” because, in his own words, “I still see myself as nine years old.”

With his newfound legal authority, Wylie hopes to prove that he’s all grown up and ready for mature parts.  His dream gig would be to play Wayne Gretzky in a biopic or “be evil” again like in Children Of The Corn V.  Wylie reveals that he enjoyed “making people’s heads explode” in that film and how he and the cast, including Eva Mendes and David Carradine, started a hardcore wiffleball league backstage.

Source: LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash – FlashNews)