Raven Symone

Speaking with Reuters Australia, Raven Symone explains how she gracefully went from child super star to working actress and television producer, and how others can follow in her footsteps:

You’ve managed to make a successful transition from a child star to 20s-something actress. What’s the tip?
A: “If you stay true to who you are you will find roles that will reflect what you are trying to portray. I am growing up, I am 24, and so I find roles that fit that. In my latest movie, “Revenge of the Bridesmaids,” I played a 27-year-old author and I had a bottle of wine in it.”

Q: So you do pick and choose your roles?
A: “Yes and I have been chugging along slowly which is how I want my career to go. There have been projects I have said no to as I am selective. I think it is hard now in the industry as there are not a lot of jobs going but if you stay true to who you are and you pick the right things your career will last longer than if people get sick of seeing your face.”

Q: How do you keep out of the gossip magazines?
A: “I just don’t go to places where people take crazy shots of me…I have fun and hit the parties and I know all the business and gossip but it is so easy to avoid the paparazzi. You just don’t go to the hot spots. I would rather have the publicity and the media when I have something to promote.”

Q: Any advice for aspiring stars?
Q: “Do you want to be a celebrity or have a career? You have to understand that it is hard work. What you see and read is about 20 percent of what happens behind the big Hollywood curtain. You get rejected more than you are accepted but it makes you stronger and fight harder for what you want.”


Image courtesy of blog-city.info