Santaquin, UT – The case on Gary Coleman’s death has been closed. While there were initially doubts that the 42-year-old “Diff’rent Strokes” star’s death was accidental, it has now been ruled an accident and not a murder. There was no foul play.

Coleman passed on May 28, 2010, days after suffering a brain hemorrhage from a fall in his home. His ex-wife Shannon Price, who lived with him, called 911.

A spokeswoman for the Santaquin, Utah police told that the probe into the former child star’s death has been completed.

Coleman’s fans were angry at Price not because of her alleged involvement in his death, but for her seemingly apathetic behavior when she called 911 during the accident. She didn’t try to win anyone’s favors as well when reports that she shopped around the deathbed photos of the actors. ¬†Price was the one who told doctors to take Coleman off life support just two days after he was admitted to the hospital. ¬†She previously insisted that contrary to reports, she did not push her ex-husband to his death.