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Happy Halloween Hollywood Moms, Dads and Kids!

This is a photo from taken earlier this month, when my daughter Jordan had the incredible opportunity to participate in a short film project with Joey King and Sierra McCormick under the direction of James Franco.  Breathe in and…exhale. What an incredible experience. A HUGE thank you to Joey and Jamie King. We love you guys. 

I’m posting these pictures for two reasons tonight. First – because the girls’ beautifully painted faces are perfect for Halloween!  And secondly because, in the interest of fairness to all our many child actors, I don’t often acknowledge my own daughter’s accomplishments on Hollywood Mom Blog. Being “my kid,” means Jordan takes a backseat at events, parties, screenings, premieres, and even on my blog. The blog she inspired.


One day in particular comes to mind when Hollywood Mom Blog was hosting an event with a Disney Television producer. Every kid in the room read with our special guest, showing off their stuff and getting great performance critiques. But not Jordan. Although looking back I’m sure it was killing her not to perform with the creator of her “all-time-favorite-Disney-show,” Jordan waited patiently at the back of the room and helped me pull off an amazing event for a lot of other eager stars in the making.

Now I’ll put my violin away.  Jordan also has plenty of amazing opportunities and she’s very grateful for them. All in all, it’s a balancing act.

Jordan my love, this is my Happy Halloween to you. You pursue your acting passions with vigor and commitment, you’ve managed to attend a challenging school full-time with great success and hold the honor of lowest season average for a freshman on your top-ranked JV golf team – even with an injury! 

 I couldn’t be prouder of your accomplishments or of you as a person.

Have fun tonight at Olivia’s sleepover and know that I’m thinking of you – my fantastic, little girl. 

xo Mom

Happy Halloween Everyone! Be safe out there tonight and have an excellent, spooktacular, candy-grabbing night =)