Do you have small issues in your family that need some fixing in a lighthearted creative way?

Does your Dad never seem to have time to get in shape? Is your Mom too busy shuttling the kids around to look after herself? Is everyone always on their cellphone? Does anyone ever have a minute to train the dog, or spend time with grandma and grandpa, or simply keep the house clean? If your family is ready to tackle your small gripes then we want you!

Triage Entertainment is searching for SUPER FUN FAMILIES (living in the great Los Angeles area ONLY) with one or more kids (9-15 years old preferred) to be featured on a new, light-hearted reality series for a major family cable network.   We are looking for FUN families that need a little bit of creative help to get BACK ON TRACK!

The ideal family would love being in the spotlight,  and have kids that are great at speaking their minds no matter what, and who are all willing to share some laughs on camera!

If you would like to be considered for this fun new reality TV series please email us your name, number, photo, a brief description of your family’s busy life and a brief summary of how your circumstances has affected you and your family to