Wouldn’t it be nice if you had one less thing to do while trying to get your kids out of the house tomorrow? Wouldn’t it be lovely to not hear a tiny voice squealing in frustration as they try (unsuccessfully) to get themselves dressed? Wouldn’t you love to see your child strut proudly out of their room, beaming with confidence? If you are staring at the screen, nodding in agreement, then EZ SOX are what you have been looking for!

These fabulous seamless training socks let children put on their socks with ease. Their double reinforced loops act as grips for tiny fingers, allowing your tot to pull up their socks solo. My 3 year old daughter, Shelby, thrives on being able to complete daily tasks independently – and I’m sure your child does, too. She was thrilled to be able to put her socks on herself, without mommy’s help. I love the sticky grip non-skid bottoms and Shelby loves the adorable animal face designs! Choose from solid colors or a fun face like ‘Jazz the Dog,’ ‘Fred the Frog,’ ‘Priscilla the Pig’ and more!  Eliminate the daily frustrations of getting your child dressed and give them the opportunity to learn how to dress themselves with EZ SOX today!

Whether you are running around the house trying to get your kids ready for school, a play date or their next big audition, EZ SOX will help make your life a bit easier. Don’t forget to leave a comment below for a chance to win a pair of EZ SOX for your little star:  tell us how EZ SOX would help your morning routine, or share a funny story about what it takes to get your kids ready and out the door.  Winner will be announced December 26, 2010. Good Luck!

HMB Writer/Reviewer Michele Dahl is mom of pint-sized models Shelby and Cash Dahl. You can follow her on Twitter too at @Elle_Renee