Warm weather is just around the corner and the little ones will look decked out in these fabulous and fun trends for the summer! For him: – Trainer sneakerscool shades – crisp button downs – two-tone attire: a lavender button down with a deep purple bow tie – color block tees, it’s all about the color and I love color!

For her: – mix and match patterns in indigo hues or other color combos – polka dots & chevron patterns (which are making a huge comeback!) – bold colors, neon colors – floral dresses & pleated skirts – jumpers, leggings & bleached denim shorts

Have fun with your looks kids!! Mix and match! Watch Ali’s You Tube Series Fashionably Yours! And your invited to ask your fashion questions via #AskAli! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEg-bc4cibA

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About Ali Levine!

Born and raised in New York, Ali Levine has worked for some of the biggest names in the Fashion industry including Fragments, Coach, Talbots and Target. Fortunately for us Hollywood Moms, Ali recently relocated to L.A. where she fell head over heels in love with wardrobe styling and has proved to be excellent with kids and teens. Ali is one of the best when it comes to dressing clients for red carpets, music videos, artist tours, films, commercials, press junkets, and editorials and is a remarkable trend setter and is exceptional at trend forecasting.

My daughter Jordan was fortunate enough to work with Ali last summer on the movie, “The Next Dance,” and now HMB is blessed to benefit from her sage fashion advice which she also shares with top media like EnVie, Vogue Italia, Fashion Couture, Luxxy, Coco, Prysm Magazine, GQ, Maxim, Naluda, Ouch Magazine, USA Today, Fab Fit Fun, Type F online and The New York Times!

To contact Ali Levine or learn more about her work, visit her website at http://www.alilevinedesign.com and follow her on twitter at @alilevinedesign.

Editors note: Peclers Paris, a leading trend consulting agency, says:

8-14 year-olds want to copy 15-25 year-olds. Appearance-conscious, they are immersed in fashion culture at an increasingly early age. That’s why this season you will see  silhouettes for 12 year olds with looks featuring a more fashion-forward cursor and adapted to their body shape, differentiating color codes, high impact graphics and fashion accessories.

3 key points relate to the wardrobe in a more overall way:

– Essential in numerous versions, print is no longer reserved for girls! Decoration for boys is gaining ground. It spreads to all the wardrobes and makes it possible to enrich collections.

– Ever more influential, sport inspires wardrobes and comes to town. Performance comes into play for children’s daily lives, for leisure and city wear. Functional, innovative, visionary, dynamic looks, well designed for all activities.

– Influenced by women’s fashion, all the girls’ wardrobes become more feminine, with dressier or cuter codes.