Top Children’s Acting Coach Elizabeth Bauman Leads Monologue Workshop and I’m going to tell you why that’s an incredible opportunity for your child actor!

A few years ago, my daughter Jordan took Saturday classes at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles.  Her acting coach was Elizabeth Bauman, who wrote and directed the film “Life Lessons” with the class (Jordan’s first IMDB Credit!) which was later made an official selection at both the Los Angeles Children’s Film Festival and the San Francisco Children’s Film Festival.  Her films showed with distinction at The Kids Space Museum in Pasadena, where my daughter and her fellow cast mates spoke on the panel, as well at The Wondercon Theatre in San Francisco.  This was an invaluable experience for my child.

For the past decade plus, Elizabeth has taught at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute both in New York and Los Angeles, and at Scott Sedita’s Acting Studios. With a BFA Degree from New York University’s Tisch School of The Arts, a Masters Degree in Educational Theatre from NYU and a Masters Degree in Drama Therapy from The Drama Therapy Institute of Los Angeles, Elizabeth comes to teaching with a wealth of experience and is uniquely qualified to care for and shape young actors. Not surprisingly, Elizabeth has privately coached and taught thousands of children, in addition to working with and counseling children & teens in group homes and rehabilitation centers. In her private practice she also has extensive experience working with the developmentally disabled and those on the autistic spectrum.

We reconnected recently when Jordan required private coaching for an important monologue reading and I’d just learned about Elizabeth’s Monologue Workshops for children and teens.

Stepping  into Elizabeth’s Zen-like studio is a mental cleanse of  modern space, sparse furnishings, and polished concrete floors.  Like her studio, Ms. Bauman exudes a sense of welcome, safety and calm.  During Jordan’s coaching sessions, I took a seat beside a bowl filled with fragrant clementines and a vase overflowing with white Lilies.

Again: Welcome, Safety, Calm.

Not being an actor myself, I can’t analyze the teaching process; however, I observe with the eyes of a watchful mother and there is no audience tougher than that, I assure you.  As with training an athlete for competition, Elizabeth initially eases the student with relaxation exercises and breathing techniques, then she allows her student to warm up with their material before delving headfirst into performance or “finding your truth” as Liz eloquently states it.  All of her language and comments to the child are positive and reassuring, even when making a change or correction to their performance. “There is no wrong way,” she says frequently through the session. It’s these touches of teacher and therapist that set Elizabeth apart.

I simply can’t recommend her highly enough.

Elizabeth Bauman & Jordan Bobbitt at the Los Angeles Children’s Film Festival

In addition to Film Maker, Teacher and Therapist, Elizabeth holds the title of Author.  Her book Private Stories Monologues for Young Actors ages 8-16 is sold on Amazon and at Samuel French.

Now your child has the opportunity to study with Elizabeth in a small group setting. There are a few spaces left for her next workshop, so contact her on 323-385-5237 if you would like to attend. The workshops will be held on an ongoing basis. She also conducts private coaching which has been immensely helpful for us.

The Monologue Workshop – $100
Students will watch and discuss film clips of excellent, truthful, connected performances of child and teen actors: Jackie Coogan in Chaplin’s “The Tramp” (1st child film actor), Diane Lane in “A Little Romance,” Ricky Schreoder in “The Champ,” Bud Cort in “Harold and Maude,” Dakota Fanning in “I am Sam,” among others.

Class includes:
– Assignment of monologue
– Rehearsal of material
– Direction & adjustment of monologue filmed on camera
– Playback watched on a “Big Screen”
– Copy of Elizabeth’s book Monologues for Actors

For additional information please contact her via email at or visit her website at