#1 is Angus T. Jones - seriously, who knew?

The New York Post reports on the highest salaries of television child stars, and you may be surprised at who comes out of on top.   At 16, CBS teen actor Angus T. Jones make $250,000, per episode of his show “Two and a Half Men,”and according to their new survey, he’s also the highest-paid child star working in television today.

The second-highest-paid child actor on television is Miranda Cosgrove, 16, who earns approximately $180,000 per episode of her Nickelodeon series iCarly. Whoa.

Jordan Bobbitt & #3 Selena Gomez - an HMB favorite!

Coming is third on the list is one of our HMB favorites, Selena Gomez, at $25,000 per episode of her Disney hit “The Wizards of Waverly Place.”

Here is the remainder of the top paid television child stars list:

Jordan with #4 Cole Sprouse, one of the most polite kids in the business

4. Twin Brothers Dylan (not pictured) and Cole Sprouse, 17 of the “The Suite Life” franchise at $20,000 each, per episode.

#5 Keke Palmer with former child star Raven Simone

5. Talented Keke Palmer, 16 of “True Jackson VP” makes $20,000 per episode.

#6 Miley with Momager Tish. Don't let the list fool you though - she rakes in the big bucks in a million other ways...

6. Miley Cyrus, 17, on Disney’s “Hannah Montana” makes $15,000 each episode.

Rico Rodriguez with Billy Bush and his Sister Raina

7. Rico Rodriguez, 11 of the most hilarious “Modern Family” makes $15,000 each week.

#8 Demi Lovato

8. Demi Lovato, 17, on Disney’s “Sonny With a Chance” comes in at $12,000 per show.

#9 is relative new comer Victoria Justice

9. Victoria Justice, 17, of Nickelodeon’s “Victorious” earns $12,000 per show.

Atticus Shaffer may be #10 on the list, but he's #1 in our hearts!

10. Atticus Shaffer, 11, of “The Middle” who HMB profiled recently brings home a deserved $12,000 for his comedic contributions to the hit show.

While reviewing the list, one fact is apparent – it pays to be funny.  All of the kids on the top ten list are using their comedic skills on their top-rated comedy shows. There are several talented child actors on more serious programs like Parents, Brothers and Sisters, Big Love, Medium, Ghost Whisperer – and while talented, you don’t find any of these youngsters on the big bucks list. Lesson to learn: Sign your child actor up for an improv class pronto!

The other strikingly obvious commonality for me is that most if not all of the females on list are triple threats of stage, song and dance – not to mention they all resemble each other with olive skin, dark hair and an ethnic ambiguity that seems to be so “in” at casting calls these days. As for the top paid guys and with the exception of the Blonde Sprouse brothers; they’re all what I’d call quirky and very unique.

And of course the most obvious trait all these kids possess: Talent. Truckloads of it.

The talented ensemble cast of "Sonny with a Chance." Only Lead Demi Lovato made the top ten list.