Doron Ofir Casting and Campanario Entertainment present an opportunity for parents in Southern California to go undercover and walk a mile in their  babysitter’s shoes. Are the babysitter’s tales of terror true? Ever wonder if your kids would listen to you if you weren’t actually you? Wonder no more and see how your kids react to an undercover you!

In this one-of-a-kind hidden camera experience, our parenting expert will places you, the parents, undercover to reveal your children’s true colors!

Seeking quirky parents with rambunctious kids, ages 6 years old and older, for a groundbreaking series that allows you to discipline while in someone else’s skin alongside Southern California’s premier adolescent psychologist! Apply now at www.undercoverparentcasting.com!

undercover parents tv show now casting parent and 2 or more kids

ABOUT Doron Ofir Casting:

Doron Ofir Casting, a division of Popular Productions, inc., is an independent casting company that is both inspired by and impacts Pop Culture. Their TV show casts are the most recognizable, talked about, and memorable in the history of non-scripted television.  It’s their foremost priority is to fulfill the intended concept of the programming with the most powerful and memorable cast imaginable. In the world of non-scripted television, the cast is the show.

Doron Ofir Casting specializes in all facets of talent development: Actors, Hosts, Experts, Real People, Families, Models and Musicians.  Located in the heart of Hollywood; Doron’s casting teams stretch out across the United States, with satellite offices in New York City and South Beach.

ABOUT Campanario Entertainment:

Campanario Entertainment is a creative workshop dedicated to exploring alternative means of reaching Latinos in the United States. Their diverse team is comprised of television and music executives, multinational creative writers, producers, marketing specialists, and top-tier legal experts. This combined expertise boasts over decades of network television experience specifically in content geared toward Latino and Latino-American audiences. Perhaps more importantly, Campanario team members count themselves among that same Latino audience, giving them the ability to constantly draw on personal experiences to inspire and shape projects. Campanario has experimented and will continue to experiment with different projects, in both English and Spanish. While it is true that some Latinos prefer to consume media in Spanish and others in English, there may be underlying cultural attitudes that unite Latinos regardless of language, national origin and length of time in the United States. Campanario is attempting to find those common bonds.