“Which are the 10 top talent agencies for kids?”  If only I had a dollar for every time we’ve received this question.

We all have our favorite talent agents and talent agencies, but what a Hollywood Mom thinks are the 10 top talent agencies for kids may not be what the pros think is best – just ask any mom who has lamented over her child’s agent’s choice of head shots.  At the end of the day, one of the opinions that matters most, in terms of kids actually “booking” jobs, is that of the Casting Director.

10 top agencies for child actors and child models

Zuri Models tells kids “Live the Life you Love!” Modeling for RumPunch Kids.

In 2015, we went straight to the source and asked HMB friend and contributor, Commercial Casting Director Katie Taylor, which agencies she ranks as the 10 top talent agencies for kids (child actors and child models) in Southern California based on her booking sheets, which is not an easy position to put a CD in (or any entertainment professional), but she generously rose to the occasion and gave us “The List,” you’d all been pining for.  Now representing young talent myself, I’ve updated the list for 2021 including bi-coastal agencies and taking theatrical bookings into consideration as well as commercial:

Top 10 (2021):

  1. Abrams Artists Agency
  2. Paradigm
  3. CESD Talent Agency
  4. DDO Kids
  5. LA Talent
  6. Zuri Model and Talent
  7. Osbrink Agency
  8. Coast to Coast Talent Group
  9. Take 3 Talent Agency
  10. Paloma Model and Talent

Top 10 (2015):

  1. Abrams Artists Agency
  2. CESD Talent Agency
  3. Mavrick Artists Agency
  4. Coast to Coast Talent Group
  5. LA Models/LA Talent
  6. Paloma Model and Talent
  7. Zuri Model and Talent
  8. Brand Model and Talent
  9. Daniel Hoff Agency
  10. Osbrink Agency

 Honorable Mention goes to Bensimon. Katie tells us, “They are small and just getting their franchise license, but their kids are phenomenal!”

10 top talent agencies for kids and children

Bonus List:

  1. House of Reps
  2. Major Minors
  3. MO Kids
  4. Clear Talent
  5. Youth Talent Connection

Who’s your favorite agent Hollywood Moms? Did they make the list?