“The Middle” Child Star: Atticus Schaffer Conquers Physical Disability & Says His Parents Support His Dreams!

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Atticus Shaffer, born June 19 1998, stars as Brick Heck on ABC’s comedy, The Middle.” Eleven-year-old Atticus lives in Acton, California, with his mother, Debbie, and father, Ron, as well as a host of rescue animals including 2 dogs, 4 cats, chickens, fish and a rabbit. He also has a 31 year old brother.  People magazine recently reported that Atticus suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) a genetic bone disorder resulting in fragile bones.  About his disability Schaffer says, “It’s a small portion of me and nothing more.  I take extra precautions where I step to make sure it’s safe.  And I shouldn’t do anything with heavy lifting or anything that could make me slip and fall.”

Shaffer was discovered by his manager in 2006 and quickly booked a guest starring role in the series The Class.” That role led Atticus Shaffer to the role of Brick in the original ABC pilot for “The Middle.”

As mentioned in this clip with Jimmy Kimmel, Atticus  is home schooled by his mom and excels in his education.  Of his mom he says “we learn together.”  Way to go Debbie!  It obvious neither Atticus nor his parents let OI slow him down which is illustrated not only by his acting but his involvement with Boy Scouts.  He loves to camp, earn Merit badges, read, play LEGOS and collect World War II memorabilia.  Atticus is a wonderful example of a child who is living his life to the fullest despite his disabilities and he  gives full credit to his mom and dad for enabling him to do so.

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19 Responses to ““The Middle” Child Star: Atticus Schaffer Conquers Physical Disability & Says His Parents Support His Dreams!”

  1. Bonnie

    22. Oct, 2014

    Your the Greatest Brick!!!!!! Keep up the good work. Love that show!!

  2. Bonnie

    22. Oct, 2014

    Love that show. Each and everyone of the actors are great. Brick deserves a lot of credit and thank god for his wonderful parents ! Brick your the Best !!!!!

  3. Michelle

    09. Oct, 2014

    Brick Ur My Hero :-)

  4. Sandra

    16. Mar, 2014

    Is Atticus autistic?

  5. Rhon

    18. Feb, 2014

    I love Atticus as well as the other stars of the show. He is a fine actor. It’s my favorite show.

  6. Arnold Brown

    25. Oct, 2013

    You are going to go far young man. Hope your doing well. LOVE YOU!!!

  7. Fernando Aguirre

    04. Apr, 2013

    Hola yo soy de ECUADOR y me encanta esta serie,
    i think we need this kind of comedy in our life , with out sex or drugs to make us laugh .

    I pray for “Brick” he is an example for US,

  8. lola

    07. Dec, 2012

    Can’t believe how real that show is. I love Brick especially, but they are all imperfectly wonderful. The last episode about having 20bucks to buy presents made me, as a single mom to 2 boys, feel less alone. I was just wondering where the money came from to get the expensive ingredients for over 1000 cookies. Lol. I know it’s a comedy, I just notice stuff like that. That would cost a bundle. I hope the church paid for it.

  9. NERAK

    06. Jul, 2012

    I love this show and I applaud this boy for not letting his condition stop him! We knew something was not quite right with him so I read up and found out about his condition. I do not feel sorry for him because I feel in my heart he does not want anyone to feel sorry for him. He is a darling little boy and I hope this show continues on. I love all the characters, but Brick has to be my favorite. He is so dang cute!!!!

  10. Josie

    15. Jun, 2012

    My son has OI .Grade IV B. and was born in Jan 1998 … i call him your ‘twin’ – he looks like u, talks like u and also has the same interests as u!!! his name is Cameron, but we now call him Brick lol … everytime I watch an episode of The Middle it makes me smile, because i can see my son in your place!!

    Keep up the good work, and if u r ever in the UK … it would b great to meet u … and take a pic of u with your twin lol :)

  11. M;L. Johnston

    13. Jun, 2012

    Re: “The Middle”

    Great charscter portrayals Atticus & remaining cast members!!

  12. name

    26. Nov, 2010


  13. Moonlight

    22. Oct, 2010

    Absolutely love The Middle! Brick is the favourite. After reading this just like him more. Such a smart and brave child!

  14. Ralph Vasquez

    25. Aug, 2010

    What led me here? Well, the middle is my favorite television sitcom. I am in love with it. Lots of laughs and great entertainment for the whole family. Atticus Schaffer, who plays brick, reminds me of me when I was his age. I could related to him. His best friend is his back pack my best friend was a piece of lint that I carried with me every where I went. I remember taking ‘lint’ out of my pocket during recess and talking with him. Sad, huh?
    Anyway…it looks like Atticus and I share the same birthday too! I was born on Father’s Day June 19.
    Atticus you inspire me and I think you are a great actor….actor.
    And I love the rest of the cast too. It’s like living my youth all over again. For reals!

  15. els

    16. Jun, 2010

    your my fave for sure.

  16. kerdell jackson

    08. Jun, 2010

    I think atticus is sooooooo adorable!! Im’m thirteen and i’m born the day after his,HONEST!!! I also like yu gi oh and i was a boy scout myself!!! he’s so like me.If i could only adopt him,I will! i also wanted to be a child actor but one day i will be an actor. But all in all,i just wanted to say thank you to atticus because he showed me how to go on even though the obstacles might try to put you down.THANX ATTICUS!!!

  17. Hollywood Mom

    23. May, 2010


  18. Scott

    21. May, 2010

    The show is called “The Middle”. Not “In the Middle”


  1. Atticus Shaffer @ Unbreakable Journey - September 12, 2010

    [...] Atticus Shaffer. You’ve probably never heard of him. But, you will recognize him as one of the stars of ABC’s new show The Middle.  This spring, it was revealed in People Magazine that Atticus is a member of the OI community and so is his mother. His mother is Type 1, the same form that I have. Atticus is Type 4. When asked about Osteogenesis Imperfecta he responded, “It’s a small portion of me and nothing more.  I take extra precautions where I step to make sure it’s safe.  And I shouldn’t do anything with heavy lifting or anything that could make me slip and fall.” HollywoodMomBlog. [...]

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