Happy Earth Day!  What are you and your child actor doing to help the earth today?  To find out what the kids at Nickelodeon are up to, click on the picture below to enlarge and read all about Nick’s event: The Big Green Help!

Steps we can take with our children to help the earth (from the OFFICIAL EARTH DAY 2010 CAMPAIGN Website):

Teach children that planting trees will save our earth.

Educate people to use solar power.

Recycle – try to be as efficient as possible

Shop at the local farmers market, using our own bags and eat as many locally sourced meals as possible for the entire year.

Ride a bike.

Reduce electricity usage in general life.

Skip a shower today 🙂 – Kids will love this one!

Use cloth diapers – raise tiny environmentalists!

Use old paper for rough work to save paper.

Use less disposables.

Hang laundry on a clothes line instead of using the clothes dryer.

For more info, please read and download this pdf. http://earthday.net/files/ed2010summary.pdf

The programming on Nickelodeon for Earth Day:

AT 11:30 a.m. — OLIVIA “Olivia Helps Mother Nature” — After learning about the environment, Olivia is on a mission to recycle, cut down on waste, and conserve energy. But she just can’t get Ian to turn off his light at night. Either she’ll have to find a way for Ian to fall asleep without it, or else find a sustainable alternative.

AT 1:30 p.m. — WOW! WOW! WUBBZY! “Save the Wuzzly/All Bottled Up” — In “Save the Wuzzly,” Wubbzy and Daizy must help a family of Wuzzly bears save their bambooboo tree home, from developers cutting down Wuzzleburg Forest to make a new playground. In “All Bottled Up,” Wubbzy has to teach the denizens of Wuzzleburg to reuse and recycle, after he introduces them to a great new drink – Hapgood’s Fizz-eee Wizz-eee Juice — and they start discarding the bottles making a big messy bottle problem.

AT 8 p.m. — ICARLY “iGo Green” — In honor of National Green Week, Mr. Henning, an environmentally conscious science teacher, assigns Carly, Sam and Freddie the task of creating an original earth-friendly project that benefits the environment. And Carly learns a lesson about how easy it is to go green by doing simple things like watering after dark or recycling.

AT 8:30 p.m. — TRUE JACKSON, VP “True Intrigue” — Max returns from his trip to Africa with a top-secret environmentally-friendly fabric he discovered and is going to announce to the world that is if True, Max and Amanda can fend off the corporate spy trying to steal the fabric.

Nickelodeon has partnered with 12 national organizations on local Earth Day events and activities in the U.S. to provide kids with opportunities to be involved in real-world environmental activity. Organizations can be featured as part of a Nickelodeon on-air scroll on Earth Day. More than 500 events are already scheduled to take place.  The Big Green Help is a multiplatform campaign that provides information and tools to help explain climate change to kids through on-air messaging, grassroots activity, and online gaming. More than 2 million kids have already pledged to participate in The Big Green Help.