Thanks to all you Hollywood Moms and Dads, the amazing parents of professional child actors, HOLLYWOOD MOM BLOG was named the BEST Los Angeles BLOG by “The LA HotList” via LA City Voter. Thank you so much!

BEST Los Angeles BLOG

Best L.A. blog?  Hollywood Mom Blog!

It’s hard to believe this journey with Hollywood Mom Blog only began 4 years ago. The readers of Hollywood Mom Blog and the members of our three Facebook chat groups have become an extended family. I see some of you MORE than I see member of my actual family!  We get together at HMB movie screenings, Premiere parties, red carpets, and charity events. We see each other at auditions all over Hollywood and Los Angeles, on the sets of a million different projects, and even bump into each other randomly at the SFV orthodontist to the child stars (you know who I’m talking about). We share happy stories, sad stories, wonderful head shots of our adorable kids and more than anything, offer support and encouragement in a tough business.

The wonderful community of child actors and parents we’ve built over these short years is nothing short of amazing. I love cheering on all of your children’s many accomplishments, posting about them online and routing each of them on while watching them on television and in the theater or looking at their latest modeling job online and in magazines.  But being voted Best Los Angeles Blog? Wow. I’ve learned more from all of you than I could ever have imagined and I’m forever indebted to the wonderful parents and professionals who help make this blog and the chat groups everything they are: Lisa Pitts, Valerie Sullivan, Suzette Troche Stapp, Caroline Gerasomovich, Elizabeth Paddock, Michelle Dahl, Anne Henry, Nyna Lyle, Hilary Morris, Ali Levine and so many more. From the bottom of my heart – thank you.

And remember – “Keep strong and Momager on.” xo