According to several reports, Karma Talent Management Partners Karen Damico and Jennifer Harris have announced via email to their clientele roster that  they will “close doors for good on the 14th of March,” due to several circumstances, the primary of which is indicated as Karen Damico’s retirement. Karma specialized in young talent.

According to the company website, Karma was “founded in 2001 by Karen D’Amico in the heart of the Santa Clarita Valley [and] has
accepted clients from all over Southern California and helped many launch new careers in acting.”

There is no announcement of the closure on the official company website. HMB will keep you posted on any and all updates.

UPDATE: Per conversation with Karen Damico this afternoon:

“…Completely by coincidence both Jennifer [Harris] and I had some changes come up in our lives at same time a couple of weeks ago. Both of these changes are personal and positive. In order for us to take advantage of these changes we felt we could no longer give Karma Talent and it’s clients the time and attention they deserve. We adore our clients and did not close our doors the day after letting the roster know of our plans to close like so many other management and talent agencies do. We, in effect, gave them notice as well as suggestions on submitting to other management companies. We have received nothing but encouraging emails from our clients.

While I am retiring from managing there are several other factors at work here as well, none of which have anything to do with Karma Talent. The company was, and is, doing very well. We close with a great reputation and the love of each and every client. If we could balance everything and still take advantage of the great opportunities that have been given to both myself and Jennifer we would have done so, but as I said this occurred at about the same time and each opportunity is distinct from the other. They are in no way connected, and they are not connected to Karma Talent.

This was a very difficult decision but to Karma Talent the clients have always come first and when we realized we could not give them 100% and still take advantage of our life changes, we knew we had to do what was best for our clients. We are looking forward to new avenues and will miss everyone in the industry that we have worked with for so long.”