Casting competitive high school cheerleaders and their moms Looking for genuine talent in the sport of cheerleading.

Do you do everything you can to make sure your child reaches their full cheering potential?
Do you sacrifice to make sure your cheerleader gets the best coaching available?
Do whatever it takes to make sure your cheerleader’s dream becomes a reality?

To submit yourself and your highschool cheerleader, email CHEERCASTING@GMAIL.COM.
Include a quick bio with your name, occupation, city, phone numbers, photos, high school your child attends, cheer squad they are on. Brag about their cheerleading skills.

What makes them the best? Include any performances/competitions you have footage of. How many hours of the day are dedicated to cheering?

Everyone loves a Cheerleader! This pic of middle school and high school cheerleaders is from Cheer Fit! A great cheer-fitness DVD my daughter Jordan worked on a few years back.