UPDATE: SInce posting this casting we have received numerous, credible tips that answering this casting amounts to killing any chance your child has at a career in Hollywood. Please read this blog post by former Dr. Phil “Winner” Gracie Maddox and note that although she began acting early in life, is very attractive, has a good commercial agent, good manager and acting coach, once she “won” her career did not progress any more than it would have had she not appeared on the show. She has now left Hollywood and returned home to finish high school. Her blog is here: http://www.graciemaddox.com/Gracie_s_Story.html

Are you the Hollywood Mom of the next Child Star?
Do you have the next Miley Cyrus, Dakota Fanning or Justin Bieber?  Are you obsessed with getting your child the recognition that they deserve?  Do you plan your entire life around your child’s talents?  Do you have a rigorous schedule of acting, singing, and dancing classes that your child must adhere to?  Are you the perfect Hollywood Mom for your child and just need a little help getting their faces out there?

If so, and you and your child are willing to appear on TV, email Dr. Phil HERE  today!