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The Jimmy Stewart building at SONY Studios was all Smurfed-out last Wednesday, as guests arrived for the special L.A. SMURFS 2 pre-screening and party.  As we walked in to the event room we were met with a sea of blue balloons, with Smurfs dangling from the ceilings and the DASH car covered in Smurfs (sponsored by Walmart) and each guest had their picture taken which was later emailed to us, with the logo from the party on it.

Smurf foodI am glad that I was hungry, because the food at the party was awesome – like Fresh Fruit Skewers served on little Smurfette decorated plates. I loved it! My favorite appetizers were the Macaroni & Cheese Balls but they also served Hot Dogs, Nuggets, Honey-Coated Chicken Fingers and Smurf Blue Punch that tasted just like Bubble Gum!

I almost screamed when I saw the “Make your own MENCHIES Smurf Yogurt!”  There’s a new flavor, blue of course, called Smurfberry Blast and three different Smurf bowls to collect with secret codes on the bottom each bowl. If you get one at your local Menchies, be sure to enter the code on your Smurfs 2 video game, for a secret surprise. Yogurt toppings include Chocolate Smurfelettes, Smurfy Sprinkles, and Smurfberry Gummies. The Smurf Gummies turn your tongue blue!

Sony provided a special craft table where each guest could paint a ceramic Smurfette, sponsored by Color Me Mine.  I didn’t have time to paint mine, so they gave me a certificate to come by the store and paint it there! I can’t wait to go. I have been there before, and it’s really fun.  All the kids took turns on the Key Chain machine and each table had tiny cupcakes and cupcake papers to embellish with crayons.

The Mega Bloks Smurf statue was very popular. Everyone, including adults, wanted photos of it. Papa Smurf posed for photos on the patio decorated with Giant Smurf Plushies. Next we headed over to the game station sponsored by Playstation 3, where we tried out the brand new Smurfs 2 Video Games.  This was a MAJOR Big DEAL!

smurfPicMonkey Collage

At 4:00 we were escorted into the theater to watch the movie!  Smurfs 2 Director Raja Gosnell was there and welcomed everyone. Can’t talk about it yet but the movie is amazing!  I plan on taking my friends to see it again when it hits theaters on July 31, 2013.

When the movie ended, we got yet another big surprise. All of the kids got a gift bag containing these amazing goodies:

  • A Plushie Smurf. My bag had Grouchy! He’s my favorite!
  • Fresh Blueberries from Gourmet Trading Company and Smurfberry Farms – they were really good and my Dad had some for breakfast!
  • A video game of our choice – either a PS3, Wii, or DS. I just got new a PS 3 this week, so that is the one that I choose. The graphics are amazing.
  • I love the Haribo Gummies. There was also Smurf Story books, Smurf Coloring books, Stickers and Party Hats!
  • Really cool T-Shirt, with characters from Smurfs 2. A lot of kids wore the T-Shirt home. We couldn’t wait to put them on!
  • Lip Gloss and Pencils from Menchies. I got Pink Lemonade flavor.

To top it off we all received a very special gift, a piece of numbered artwork, from the original TV series!

Thanks to Hollywood Mom Blog, SONY and Smurfs 2 for a great day!

Written by HMB Junior Contributor Mary-Jessica Pitts. MJ is a seasoned teen actor who has worked in film, television, music videos and many of your favorite commercials.

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