Merry Christmas Hollywood Moms, Dads & Kids!

Thank you for another wonderful year at Hollywood Mom Blog!  A huge number of HMB Child Actors are continually working in film, television & commercials – we’ll do a year end round up soon.

Thanks to the support of Hollywood Moms Lisa Pitts and Valerie Sullivan, HMB has continued to welcome members into the fold and our Facebook groups are growing daily.

We’ve also hosted several successful events – like another Disney Acting Workshop, Rose Bowl Float, Exclusive Screenings) – we are a very blessed bunch of parents and kids!

Thank you to all the Hollywood Moms and Dads who help to make this the best blog for our community, as well as a number of professionals in the business who give of themselves to help with the administrative side of the chat groups & our activities!  My sincere thanks especially to HMs Lisa Pitts, Valerie Sullivan, Elizabeth Paddock and Suzette Troche Stapp, Casting Directors Katie Taylor and Jen Rudin, Celebrity Stylist Ali Levine and Fashion Blogger Hilary Morris – Merry Christmas to you all. Also a special thank to Hollywood Mom Lilli Baur for creating this lovely Christmas banner with the HMB logo =)

Thanks also to the amazing Actors Fund and the Looking Ahead Program who generously support our child actors and actors’ families in more ways that I can possibly number. I’m priveleged to serve on their advisory committee.

Thank you to Dave Naves of Daveworks who is bringing Hollywood Mom Blog into the future and helping us to reach even more Hollywood Moms and Child Actors!

Lastly a huge thank you also to Relativity Media, Disney, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers and The Weinstein Company and their amazing publicists for providing us with so many unique giveaways, screenings and premieres.

Happy Holidays Everyone. I’m honored to take this journey with you all!

Merry Christmas 2014 Hollywood Moms and Child Actors!

Merry Christmas 2014 Hollywood Moms and Child Actors!