Thanks to the very knowledgeable Anne Henry and Paula Dorn over at, we’ve learned the Department of Labor in New York is planning to implement new Rules governing child entertainment work permits and the daily work of child performers.  You will now be required to submit a total of 12 documents to the Department of Labor in order to get a work permit, including 2 required physicals per year.  Other major changes would include work hour restrictions even for non-union work and (the one that really freaks me out!) no parent access to their kids in the school room.

According to BizParentz website, these new rules were developed without the participation of any actual showbiz parents – that means you – the Hollywood Moms and Dads.   None of the entities involved,  including the Department of Labor,  have notified parents or working kids of this situation.  There is a 45 day deadline when the Rules can go into effect with no vote at all, and the 45 days is up on Christmas Day, December, 25, 2010.  The NY Department of Labor is holding a hearing on December 27, 2010.

So, what can you do? Anne Henry and Paula Dorn suggest the taking the following steps:

  • Read up on the issues at Child Performers Coalition,  Be sure to review the “Briefs” section on each subject–it will help you find which issues are most important to your family.
  • Sign the Petition at  You can do this even if you are not in NYC!
  • Write to the Department of Labor NOW and ask them to table the Rules. It appears that the DOL could implement these new Rules without the public hearing, so please make your opinions known before that time. Short and sweet is best, and make sure to portray the knowlegable, caring parent that you are. Remember–many of these Rules were designed to protect our children from their own parents. We need to show them that we have it under control.
  • The DOL contact is Jeffrey Shapiro: email:
  • Attend the Public Hearing: 10:00 a.m., December 27, 2010 at 75 Varick Street, 7th Floor, NYC, New York
  • Share this information with every child performer, agent, manager, and producer you know.

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