PALOMA PMT Seeks Talent Submissions! Hollywood Moms of Multiples – Identical Twins & Triplets- this Casting Call is for YOU!

Paloma Model and Talent (PMT) is actively seeking immediate submissions of identical multiples of all ages and newborn babies weighing under 9 pounds.

Paloma Model and Talent (PMT) is family-owned and operated by dedicated sisters Paloma Jackson and Alysa Brennan. PMT is a full service agency, representing children commercially, theatrically, and in print. Since their inception in late 2011, PMT has grown to nearly 10 employees.  Paloma Models and Talent is respected by casting directors, clients, talent and Hollywood Mom Blog. They made Hollywood Mom Blog’s Top Ten Agents for Kids and we hear so many great things from the Hollywood Moms who have kids on the PMT roster.

PALOMA PMT Seeks Talent Submissions

All in the family! Paloma is run by sisters Alyssa, Paloma and  Geri!

PMT supports their clients that conduct their business with concern for the environment by discounting or forgoing agency income. If Alysa could change just one thing about this industry, it would be how much people have to commute to get to auditions. She embraces video auditions and will continue to pursue alternatives to avoid long audition drives.  GOTTA  LOVE THAT!

Email PALOMA PMT at your submission ASAP with photos, name, ages, weight, contact information, etc.  

No other submissions will not be considered at this time.

PALOMA PMT Seeks Talent Submissions

PMT Staff clearly has a sense of humor! A necessary quality in this industry.

About Paloma

Paloma has been an agent since 2004. She started working in the industry at age 5 when she booked a national “Incredible, Edible Egg” commercial and became a successful childhood actor. Her involvement on “the other side” of show business began when her mother got Paloma’s twin babies an agent, just as she had with Paloma. Shortly thereafter, Paloma was asked by not one, but two, mainstream agencies to work as an agent herself as she had become the talent liaison for a community group for multiples. It’s rare to find a casting director that does not know her name. Having an agency of her own now gives her the opportunity to do things her way – with utmost integrity and quick communication. As an agency owner, Paloma is even more a hands-on agent than ever. Her personal cell is always at the ready to take calls from talent or to text you to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity!