Time to wake up! Time for school! Time for your audition!

Time to…learn how to tell time. Oy.

Learning to tell time can be one of the trickier things to teach a child.  This is why, like many of the educational elements in your child’s life, it’s important to make this process fun.  Children’s watches come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors so whatever your child’s interests, you’re sure to find a watch they love so that they’ll also love learning to tell time.

For the more girly girl there are the ever-popular Disney princess watches. Pick a watch face with your daughter’s favorite Disney princess and see how quickly she learns to keep track of the hours.

For the little boys and girls who are less into royalty and more into construction, LEGO makes a line of watches sure to please.  These watches come equipped with interchangeable links that your child can essentially build their own watch face and wristband with or deconstruct, as they see fit.

For the more active, sporty kids, Speedo makes a line of water-resistant digital watches.  Kids can wear these watches in the shower, the pool and even splash around in the ocean.  They’re extremely durable and come in a range of cool colors and shapes.  These watches also feature timing functions so kids can not only learn to tell time but improve their counting skills as well.

The last watch on this list comes from the Swiss company Flik Flak.  These bright and beautiful watches are available in a range of colors and patterns and even arrive with an educational coloring book that features brother-sister characters “Flik and Flak” on all kinds of adventures.  These watches are constructed of durable, scratch resistant glass, are machine washable and will look good on the wrist of any child while holding up to kid-size wear and tear.




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