I know you all remember 80’s teen star Blossom of the NBC TV show of the same name. What you may not recall is that Blossom was played by actress Mayim Bialik and that Bialik now stars on the popular sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.  What I didn’t know until this morning is that the former child star also writes for the Jewish parenting site Kveller.com.  In this weeks post, she gives her two cents about the challenges of raising a child actor and insightfully explains the pitfalls from a parents perspective as well as the child’s.  It sounds very typical of the challenges we all face and after reading her post  all I can say is, I would LOVE to talk to her mother!  A small excerpt from her post below:

“So your kid wants to be an actor. A ‘real’ actor; a ‘professional’ one. I hear this a lot.And the questions I get next range from ‘Should I?’ to ‘Why the hell would I?’ to ‘How do I?’ Well, I’m going to lay it all out here as directly as I can.  Let’s name your kid Clive (yes–after Clive Owen, my favorite actor who is also my fantasy boyfriend).”

“Here’s the deal: if Clive wants to professionally act, your life will be driving Clive to auditions at the drop of a hat; schlepping him and any other kids you have to rooms full of adorable bubbly kids who have been trained to intimidate Clive and tell him he looks tired when the audition calls for a perky bright-eyed kid.”

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