This week was packed with both business and pleasure, and thankfully very little on the momager front. American Idol

Pleasure: We attended the American Idol finale – which Rocked! And we had first class, kid friendly transportation on a limo style party bus which rocked both literally and figuratively. Watching David Cook take the crown was amazing for all of us. Jordan’s favorite moment was probably when the Jonas Brothers appeared on stage. It goes without saying that watching Carrie Underwood was the highlight for my husband Russell.

The best part of the night for me (aside from watching celebrity dads Robert Downey, Ben Stiller and Jack Black perform as Gladys Knight’s Pipps via video) happened before we ever boarded the party bus.

The Crib Rock studio/showroom is centrally located so all the families taking the party to American Idol got on board here. As each group arrived they would inevitably end up wandering though the space, admiring our tees, wall hooks, wall panels and decor and let’s not kid ourselves, using the bathroom. During the walk through, two kids told me (independently of each other) that our jobs “looked like so much fun” and that it was such a “cool office.”

Reality check. While it’s not a glamorous space or a particularly high tech environment (I’ll share our AC traumas sometime), it is colorful on every level. The creative work were engaged in is such a gift and provides much more of an outlet for expression than so many other professions. I am thankful.

Business: On the PR front, we’ve begun the publicity jaunt for Crib Rock’s new line of kids decor, called Metal Mania. In just a few short days we’ve received inquiries from the top publications and rave reviews have popped up on 2 sites I adore, Babble’s Droolicious and Baby Universe’s Posh Cravings site. I’ll post the rest as they go to print.

In the “unexpected but entirely welcome” category, I received a high gloss magazine in the mail called Star Inc. (cover pic above) written entirely in French. A baby boom article raves about Crib Rock’s onesies and tees and name drops on a few of our celebrity connections: Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Reese Witherspoon. Ooo La La.

The morning after Idol it was back to business with a rush screening job on the line LEGENDS for boys. Seems a preorder for a VIP snuck through ahead of schedule and we’re all about making it happen when we can and sometimes when we can’t. Thank you to Christy at Savvy Salon and her wonderful husband Christian of Countyline Threads for saving my behind.

Immediately after extinguishing the screening fire, I had a rush delivery of Crib Rock to an expectant celebrity couple. Not an emergency for them I assure you, but for me because the value of having your product in the right place at the right time cannot be underestimated and she’s about to pop out that sweet bundle of joy any day.

Today, Friday, was a day of wrapping up the week and preparing for more… Pleasure: My dear friend Christine (and Jordan’s Godmother) arrives at LAX tomorrow morning for a week of relaxation which is sort of comical since it seems like we never relax.

I’ll let you know if she’s able to…