Shannon Tavarez

Shannon Tavarez

Young Broadway star Shannon Tavarez, who waged a battle against acute myeloid leukemia, has died. She was 11. She had been fighting leukemia since April.

Tavarez played young Nala in The Lion King from 2009 until she was diagnosed with cancer in April 2010.  Musicians Alicia Keys, Beyonce, 50 Cent and Rihanna rallied and appeared in DKMS campaigns to help Tavarez find a bone marrow donor.

When doctors were unsuccessful at finding a match, she underwent an procedure with umbilical-cord blood from an anonymous donor. Tavarez attended the Harlem School of the Arts, and studied singing and piano since age 3. Her coach encouraged her to attend the first open audition for The Lion King at Harlem’s famed Apollo Theater.

Please watch this brief video to learn how you can become a potential bone marrow donor.


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