As parents of child actors, it’s our responsibility to teach our kids the power of the money they earn and how to best handle those earnings responsibly. Of course a set amount of their earnings is all ready put aside in their Coogan accounts after a job – but what do you do with the remainder of their earnings?

In this first video hosted by Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher, moms just like you and me discuss how they handle money with their little ones. While these videos don’t speak to child actors specifically there are still some good ideas discussed (like the Save, Give & Spend Jars) that we can each incorporate into our own lives.

The second video focuses on “life balance.” The ladies talk about the importance of taking time for yourself as the leader of your family team: a few hours a week dedicated to a mani/pedi, an afternoon massage, a shopping spree – any activity dedicated solely to you and without the kiddies. One order for me please – and super size it!