Young Actress Abigail Breslin earned $275,000 for one week’s work on the upcoming movie “New Year’s Eve,” according to the 15 year old’s contract.  She will play Sarah Jessica Parker’s daughter in “New Year’s Eve,” which also stars Robert De Niro, Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl.

According to TMZ, the young starlet earned $39,285 a day in March for shooting her scenes for the comedy — and will command the same day rate in the event that any scenes need to be re-shot in post-production.

To put this in perspective, if she were to work daily at this rate she would earn a whopping $14 million per year. Jaden Smith was named the top earning film child star and his 3 million salary on “Karate Kid” pales in comparison to this.

Breslin’s minor contract, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, also showed that she would net an additional $100,000 if the flick’s box office receipts exceeded $150 million.

The actress starred in her first movie, “Signs,” when she was 5 but became a household name in the 2006 box office hit “Little Miss Sunshine.”