Child actor Kiernan Shipka, 11, plays confused Sally Draper, a child attempting to understand and accept the divorce of her parents (John Hamm and January Jones) on the popular series Mad Men.  But off screen she’s a mini fashionista who boasts a closet full of designer labels like Chloe and Dolce & Gabanna Junior.

In a recent interview with the NY Times, Shipka confessed her love of fashion citing her main inspiration as Fifties style icon Grace Kelly, which is fitting as she dresses like a tiny royal at most public events. She stated: ‘I follow fashion trends. My closet’s full of Papo d’Anjo (worn in all 3 photos above). They’re my main brand. I just absolutely love them because the quality is so amazing. Chloé has some amazing kids’ pieces, too, and I have a lot of D&G Junior. Grace Kelly is my fashion inspiration—a classic look, with beautiful pieces, and very pretty.”

Aside from being a talented actress, Keirnan also plays the piano, practices tae kwon do and takes the occasional swing at golf.  She is represented by Mitchell Gossett of UTA.

So what’s this red carpet pro’s idea of a good time? A fashion-themed Halloween party. “I have the best idea,” She told the Times, “Fashion Halloween! We’ll have people dress up as Donna Karnage. Michael Korpse. Burbloody.” Talented, stylish and quick witted? This kid is gong places!