Two And A Half Men’s controversial co-star Angus T. Jones, now 19, is returning to the set for the first time following his religious You Tube proclamation in late 2012, per  You may recall Jones’ decrying his top-rates series as “filth” and his pleas to viewers to “stop watching.”

childstar jonesangusAgainst all odds, producers are giving the former child star a larger than normal storyline for his character Jake in his first return episode. Older actress, Jaime Pressly (My Name is Earl) has been cast as Jake’s “Cougar” love interest – a potentially recurring role.

In red carpet interviews at the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday night, exec. producer Chuck Lorre told the press at the People’s Choice Awards last week that Angus “…is part of our show. He’s part of our family. We love him. He’s 19, man. Cut him some slack.”

Lorre went on to concur with Jones’ “filthy” comment from the You Tube tirade: “I can’t really disagree with him — the show’s kind of filthy. What he said wasn’t wrong… We hope it’s funny, as well.”

Angus T. Jones is represented by the Paradigm Agency.