The last two weeks I have been much more Hollywood Mom and a lot less Blog.  To all of our wonderful Hollywood Dads, Happy Father’s Day!  Better late than never right?

This week I’ll be catching up on many posts including The Actor’s Funds’ Looking Ahead 10 Year Anniversary Gala (The Best!), The Plush Show for Little Urbanites (Amazing!), A day celebrating the organization Children Mending Hearts with some of our favorite child actors, the importance of having all your SAGe paperwork complete (regardless of whether you plan to join this month or next year), finally having my own kid take the SAG plunge (Hallelujah!), a guest post on the “real” life of a child actor, spending the day at Disney Studios, fun and meaningful ways our child actors can give back to the community, an eye-opening personal tour of  Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and much more.

Many of you are also waiting to join one of our three facebook chat groups. We have approved many new members, but the process is slow-going to best insure safety. Thank you for understanding!

Thanks for your continual support. I hope all our Hollywood Moms, Dads and Kids are having an enjoyable and audition-filled summer vacation!