Rolling Stone Magazine recently chose Justin Bieber’s Momager Pattie Millette as one of the “Greatest Hollywood Moms in show business. Hollywood Mom Blog agrees with that choice but some of Rolling Stone’s other choices are questionable.  To us the list reads more like “Most Infamous Parents in Show Biz.” We’ll let you be the judge.

In a separate interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun gives insight as to how Mom and Dad Beiber are handling Justin’s phenomenal success:

“They both handle it differently. I think they both love their son.  His dad is in Canada and his mom is with us [most of the time]. I think his dad misses him a lot because he doesn’t get to see Justin as much.

“I think his mother — she and I ave talked about this — at times, she struggles with how protective we have to be of him. With people saying anything they want about her son and making up rumors about all of us and our relationship with each other, it’s frustrating at times because we know what it is. We ignore all that stuff. But I also think, and she’s said this in interviews, that she feels safer with him living this life because it’s structured and we know where he is all the time. She feels that if they were still in Stratford, Ontario, he’d be getting himself into a lot of trouble.”

When asked whether Justin was aware of the temporary nature of being a pop star, Braun replied:

Justin doesn’t study the people who made it. He studies the people who haven’t. He hears all the naysayers about how he’s going to disappear so he likes to look up people who used to be the so-called Justin Biebers before him and didn’t go anywhere.  He wants to see why they didn’t go anywhere. The general feeling we get is that it had nothing to do with their talent and everything to do with their personal life. Like the kids fall into drugs and destroy their own trajectory.  I think by watching that, he’s very conscious of it. He’s a smart kid. He knows the talent he has.  He realizes that if he grows up to be a good man, he’s going to be able to handle the pressures that come with a position like this.”

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