In a recent interview with Playboy Magazine, Justin Timberlake, a former Disney child star and  boy band heart throb, had some brotherly words or wisdom for this generation’s teen pop star Justin Bieber.

Timberlake acknowledged many young performers fail in an attempt to transition from child star to adult performer, and he hopes Bieber’s mentor Usher will guide the way for him.

“He’s obviously a talented kid. I just hope he has a good support system, because… it’s awkward growing up in front of the public,” said Timberlake, “(Usher) will teach him that you can’t just ride this out. You need to have somewhere to go. You need to have a plan, and somebody like Justin Bieber should be thinking about that right now. Otherwise, before you know it, there’s going to be some kid who’s younger than you (taking your place).”

Wonder if  Timberlake’s referring to Ellen’s You Tube discovery, pianist and vocalist, 12 year old Greyson Chance?