Former Child Star (and current SAG Awards and Golden Globe nominated Actor) Christian Bale, who recently indicated that being a “child star” bothered him immensely, further shares that he would never permit his 5 year old daughter Emmaline (with lovely wife Sibi Blazic) to emulate his career as a young performer.  The reasoning?  Bale believes children should have time to “get into trouble” and make mistakes without the world watching.  Bale says, “It’s just too young. You need to be anonymous at that age, you need to go and get into all sorts of trouble and not have anyone know who you are. It’s ruined when everyone knows who you are.”

Young Christian Bale with Director Steven Spielberg on "Empire of the Sun."

Bale was only 13 when he was cast in Steven Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun, and now wishes enjoyed more of his youth our of the spotlight.

According to Britain’s Empire Magazine Bale states, “(I) didn’t like that (being famous as a teen). That wasn’t for me at all. Some people can deal with it, but I found it to be a complete pain in the a**e and embarrassing. Also, there was the annoying notion of everyone going, ‘Ah, you should know better’ when I was done for shoplifting. But, no, I shouldn’t have known better. There was no reason I should. I could have done without that side of things. It was nice to go travelling and have those experiences (filming movies), but look, if anyone in my family – my nieces or my daughter – wanted to start at that age, I’d absolutely believe in and support their dreams, but I would tell them, ‘No b***dy way – not professionally.’