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7 02, 2017


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Read These 10 Tips Child Actors' Parents - Especially those who pull double duty as their child's management. West Coast Counseling Center of Los Angeles specializes in working with the unique and underlying set of issues that arise for Child Actors (and Child Actors' Parents') working in the entertainment industry. Sometimes WCCC of Los Angeles consults with a private acting

26 01, 2017

Top Kids Photographer NICOLE MITCHEM Visits ATLANTA!

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Top Kids Photographer NICOLE MITCHEM Visits ATLANTA! I've been living on location in Atlanta for sometime now, and one of the differences I've noticed between the Atlanta and Los Angeles markets are the child actors headshots.  Heaven knows, I'm not trying to start a turf war and I'm definately not claiming one coast is better than

19 09, 2016

Child Actors Social Media Cyber Safety

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the role of parents in regards to social media with regards to agents, PR and casting directors

17 01, 2016


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How to Market Your Child Actor for Increased Auditions and Call Backs (Part 1 of 3) The concept of marketing when applied to a young child actor is really quite simple. It boils down to doing a few things that may increase your child actor's presence in print and on the big screen. Just think

1 12, 2015

Counselors Corner: Child Actors Handling Audition Rejection

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Child Actors Handling Audition Rejection & Anxiety was an article Hollywood Mom Blog originally posted 5 years ago - but it's just as appropriate today.  You get the call. Your agent says "Your daughter is perfect for it," or "Your son is exactly what they are looking for."  You and your child both begin to

26 08, 2015

SOCCER ROUTES Top Kids Soccer Coach Los Angeles

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Soccer Routes is the fastest growing soccer skills coaching company for children in Los Angeles. Why? Because Soccer Routes utilizes real, skilled coaches, and not glorified baby sitters, with no knowledge of the game. Soccer Routes was born out of the vision of owner Adam Rose to deliver a fun yet educational company for the

13 02, 2015

Top 10 Reality Checks for Hollywood Moms

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Remember that you are still the parent and it is important for your child to see you in a role undiminished by the presence of any other authority figure in their life. Remind your child that you hold the space where they can come and reveal anything, including things that others might be saying or doing to them that they wouldn’t want to disclose to anyone else. Have clear integrity in this. If you tell your child to come to you with everything, make sure when they do that you are receptive, loving and non-judgmental.

27 01, 2015

Hollywood Moms Night Out! Mannies of L.A. Will Care For Your Child Actors!

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Hollywood Moms! In town for Pilot season and need a sitter for the siblings? Or maybe you have a rambunctious kid that would benefit from some one on one with a male role model? Mannies of L.A. Will Care For Your Child Actors and their siblings! In a promotional event with Hollywood Mom, Mannies of L.A. will award one lucky mom 3 full hours to herself while her kids are cared for by the vetted child care experts at Mannies of L.A.

8 01, 2015

JOHN L. DALES SCHOLARSHIP Competition for SAG-AFTRA Child Actors

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The 2015 JOHN L. DALES SCHOLARSHIP competition for SAG-AFTRA child actors, performers and their dependents is now open. Apply now! Deadline for your submission is March 16, 2015. Many of our child actors are beginning to research universities and some of them are all ready awaiting acceptance letters for Fall 2015. As the parents of child actors we

16 12, 2014

Child Actors – FUSION ACADEMY is Enrolling Now!

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There’s a new educational option in Los Angeles for Child Actors - Fusion Academy; a revolutionary community of learning where positive relationships unlock academic potential! It's an educational option that caters to your student at their pace. Best of all? Parents are alleviated from being teachers. FUSION ACADEMY an excellent educational environment for working child actors because Fusion's flexible