Happy Thanksgiving Hollywood Moms and Dads!

Surprisingly, there aren’t hundreds (or even dozens) of films with specifically “Thanksgiving” themes. Of those that we located, these are the “Top Ten Best Thanksgiving Movies Featuring Child Actors!”

Download one or two of these classics (via On Demand or Netflix), snuggle up to the fire tonight with your child actors and enjoy!

And by the way – Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all for another amazing year at Hollywood Mom Blog!

Curly Sue starring tot Alysan Porter as lovable street urchin Sue and Jim Belushi as her charming but unfit father (back when he was still known as “John’s little brother.”)
Home for the Holidays – with former child actor Robert Downey Jr., directed by former child star Jody Foster and featuring a host of Academy Award caliper talent as the typically dysfunctional Thanksgiving Family.
Tadpole – A coming of age story  (no kids please!) starring then child actor Aaron Stanford, now grown-up and most recently seen on the TV series Nikita.
Dutch starring a pint-sized Ethan Embry with everyones favorite TV dad/step-dad of Modern Family, Ed O’Neill. Hilarity ensues when Dutch olunteers to drive his girlfriend’s 12 year old son home to Chicago for Thanksgiving from his boarding school in Georgia.
Pieces of April – starring former Dawson’s Creek Teen Star Katie Holmes, prior to her “Mrs. Cruise and Formerly known as Mrs. Cruise” titles. This story revolves around a wayward daughter who invites her dying mother and estranged family for Thanksgiving dinner in her cramped Soho Apartment. The Blind Side – while Sandra Bullock is the real scene stealer in this touching family film, it also features two talented child actors Jae Head and Lilly Collins.
The Ice Storm – a dark holiday film (no kids please!) featuring a solid cast of former child stars who were still very young talent at the time of filming: Christina Ricci, Tobey MacGuire, Elijah Woods and David Krumholtz among others.
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – Okay, not “really” child stars but forever young at heart!
StepMomI don’t recall a specific “Thanksgiving scene” per se, but several touching scenes feature holiday-decor leading up to tear-jerking Christmas so we’ll let this classic slide in. Starring then child stars: Jena Malone and Liam Aiken. Liam gives a completely genuine, unaffected performance and Jena strikes at the heart with teen angst.