Last night Hollywood Mom Blog was invited to attend a prescreening of the soon-to-be-hit-movie, MIRROR MIRROR, thanks to Relativity Media and their wonderful PR People. Our screening was held at the lovely AMC Century City 15 and my daughter Jordan, her friends and I sat with Hollywood Mom Nyna Lyle and her wonderful family, including her daughter (and actress on the rise) Emma Rayne Lyle. Just prior to the screening the kids in attendance were all given silver and gold tiaras, glittery star magic wands, pink feather boas and delicate crown-shaped rings. A free pre-screening and gifts? I’m in!

Top Row L to R: Sarah Lambert, Taylor Carpenter, Jordan Bobbitt, Ryan Lyle, Savannah Lyle, Emma Rayne Lyle, Damoni Monae, Yessica Serna Young, Bottom Row: Jaidi Rogers, Shayna Chapman and Mikayla Chapman.

The movie itself was a delight; much funnier and more exciting than the commercials would lead you to believe. Mirror Mirror is perfectly cast, with seasoned pros like Julia Roberts (evil Queen), Nathan Lane (the Queen’s henchman Brighton) and Mare Winningham (Baker Margaret) bringing their A-game and relative new-comers Lily Collins (as Snow White) and Armie Hammer (as Prince Alcott) showcasing finely-honed comedic talents. As for the seven dwarves – look out!  Expertly updated characters with new names to match (Chuckles, Butcher, Half Pint, Grub, Grimm and Wolf ) and that each talented actor brought to life. The outstanding sets (Tom Foden) and exquisite costumes (Eiko Ishioka) are pure eye candy.

After the film many of HMB crowd met in the lobby and had the kids pose for an impromptu photo shoot. Thanks to Nyna Lyle and John Chapman for snapping photos and to the Chapman girls, Shayna & Mikayla for interviewing us for their cool web series! We’ll post their video when it’s up.

The Hollywood Mom Blog attends the MIRROR MIRROR Pre-Screening Event in Century City. Thank you Relativity Media! The Chapman girls interviewed HMB afterwards for their web series! (Left to Right: Shayna Chapman, Sarah Lambert, Jordan Bobbitt, HMb Editor Tracy Bobbitt, Taylor Carpenter and Mikayla Chapman.

Be sure to head out to see MIRROR MIRROR this weekend! You’ll be so glad you did. Appropriate for the entire family!

*Let us know if you were in attendance and we’ll give you a shout out here as well – there were so many of us, next time we’ll make a plan to meet!

Child Actors Shayna Chapman, Damoni Monae, Yessica Serna Young and Mikayla Chapman posing with their poison (not really!) apples and ball masks.